Happiness Package

In the beginning, the garden

waited for me (and the yarn)

As I was knit together, stowaway

on this toilsome voyage,

the secret tangle of me meant


and yearn, also beauty-dreaming

and green-growing-things

(not included: kitchen-willing

or gleeful-floor-scrubbing)


The riddle of passion is this:

If we are born to labor, we post-Fall

chastened spirits, then why

the beauty-dream and yearning?

For I don’t believe these are work:

words, music, garden, make

(The ball is unwinding

the path growing straight)


Inspired by this word-list prompt from imaginary garden with real toads.

12 thoughts on “Happiness Package”

  1. I believe this may be my favorite of yours that I have read so far! The verse beginning with “…we post-Fall chastened spirits” is magnificent. What a question, that. Plus, as a sometime-knitter, I really appreciate the yarn references too. Vivid!


  2. Hey Jennifer, this is a lovely poem and I absolutely agree with its stance though it may be unusual– we are happiest when purposeful– sometimes the labor may be too much ! But certainly we love that glowing path. Very interesting poem, thanks. K.


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