Desperate Times

I suspect we grew up believing

that Darkness wore only a monster’s face

or swirled, shrouded, in a mushroom cloud;

that one day our own children could go

past the garden gate and safely to school,

returning unshot, unstabbed, unstolen.


Perhaps our ideals—ages of ideas—

freedom, opportunity and all the lofty

stump-speech words are hogwash,

mere castings of mis-aimed minds.

Perhaps we are meant to be enslaved

by want, greed, violence,

misinformation and mistrust.


Except: Why the unquenched desire

for better? Why these frail,

beautiful humans endowed

with soul-language of every art?


Inspired by this fortnight’s Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Expectations.

11 thoughts on “Desperate Times”

  1. … “Why the unquenched desire

    for better?” – crucial question! Thanks for sharing. Amitiés



    1. We have to believe we’re here–with certain gifts–for a reason. 🙂 Thank you for reading!


  2. Ah…”the soul-language of every art” – I love this phrase, it really makes me think! As always, Jennifer, I love to read your poems over and over because they are always so rich.


  3. Yep. That last line really hit me, too. William Carlos Williams said poetry is essential in a non-religious society (perhaps he would concede that all art is). You did a great job expressing why.


    1. Thanks, Jenifer. I’m always looking for the silver lining…sometimes it’s really hard to see. Art (music, words…) helps.


  4. Oh WOWZA–you did this challenge golden justice, I am SO impressed with all of your writing, Jennifer. Crazy for it, absolutely. And really glad you joined 2 cents!


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