Old People

Of course I am much younger than the old

man, my neighbor, his white head and legs

uncovered as he dozes with newspaper

in the sun. His yard is perfectly trimmed;

the garden surrounding the elegant green

is the wife’s doing, a riot of blossom in May:

roses, clematis, some German shrub I can’t

name. Oh, and a lemon tree. (In winter, it lives

in the glassed-in sun-room.) The wife is old,

too, pottering with her plants all day,

bending over in her rolled-up elastic-waist

khakis and on windy days, the fleece jacket

and her light curls all jumbled. (It is not

because I am getting old that I also wear

rolled-up elastic-waist khakis and potter

around the garden, talking to the plants,

or that I find myself sitting on the sunny

patio, dozing over this notebook.)


13 thoughts on “Old People

      1. I love your writing style! Glad I found you via the Gargleblaster! Yes, “the good life” does change…although I wouldn’t say no to the idea of being like these people but doing it in, say, a cottage in Ireland or in the South of France, for example! 😉


  1. At the age of 71, I, too, find myself entertained by “old people.” They are so quirky, aren’t they? And they can dress so oddly. Thus, yes, I enjoy the details in the poem about the old ones and smile wryly at the irony.

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