Fine Lines

I’ll trace them, if I may.

This is not to blame my children

nor to blame myself for having children

(it was foolish, pure instinct) but can I blame

Pinterest for conflicting inspirational quotes

on pretty posters? Can I blame well-meaning

bloggers for telling me these are the chores

your 4-year-old should be doing and how

to raise boys in this ravaged world?

5 thoughts on “Fine Lines”

  1. Someone actually told you how to raise your boys, and that 4 year olds should be doing chores?? Good grief–slap me if I ever transgress in that way (or any way).


    1. Well, I should probably just get away from Facebook and the evening news, and I’d probably feel much better 🙂 You know there is always an “expert” willing to share.


  2. As the mother of two boys (now in college), we could have a loooonnnng conversation. Let me summarize — ignore the advice, have fun! Dorky, but true.


    1. Yes, of course you’re right, but it’s so hard to get away from the ridiculous amount of guilt and unreasonable expectations heaped on parents. I think that’s what I’m railing against.


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