Fresh Starts

Resolutions, in the end, never fail

to make me a liar

In the beginning I vowed

a month of poems

They were going to astound you

beautiful and profound


Inspired by Quickly’s Prompts #21: Take something from beginning to completion. I have a little trouble with completion…

6 thoughts on “Fresh Starts”

    1. Yes!! And then it occurred to me that my 30-day commitment includes 13 days of my kids’ spring break, 9 of those to be spent traveling. Silly me, what was I thinking? But truly, it has been an energizing (if butt-kicking) experience.


  1. I love your poem, and I have to let you in on a secret: though I didn’t have trouble with NaPoWriMo in the past, I must have had a subconscious knowing which led me to post an “extra” poem each day which had nothing to do with the prompts–as, in 21 days, it looks like this will be the 3rd one where I can’t do the homework.


    1. Slipping in an extra poem when possible is a great plan. I might have to bank a couple over the next few days, if I can.
      So I’m not the only one who thought today’s prompt was a bit…difficult?


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