When Prompted

The day more than halfway

gone gray clouds cool

evening birds uprising

endlessly over my head

(to the sky beyond drear sky?)


Shameful drivel-spouters

we come running

to shadowed whistle

(who am I to talk of ‘we’ who am I

to mistrust metaphor?)


Inspired by today’s NaPoWriMo prompt: Use five song titles from a randomized playlist in a poem. (Mine are Halfway Gone, Uprising, Over My Head, We Come Running, Shameful Metaphors, Who Am I?)


2 thoughts on “When Prompted”

    1. Thanks. I wanted to go with an outer-space, music-of-the-spheres thing (the next song titles were Kryptonite and Supermassive Black Hole), but no matter what I tried, the sounds and rhythm were just awful.


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